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Global Employment Taskforce is committed to the professional development and continuous learning of our workforce. We provide online avation training through This course is fully digital, with a wide range of aviation courses.

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Our OAT program covers a broad range of subjects tailored to the specific requirements of each sector we operate in. Examples of training modules include:

General Familiarisation Courses

Initial Training Courses

Continuation Training

Engine Ground Running

ETOPS Training

And more!

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Whether you’re looking to advance in your current role or pivot to a new career within the sectors we serve, the OAT program by Global Employment Taskforce is your pathway to success. Enrollment is open to all employees and taskforce members who are eager to enhance their skills and contribute to their personal growth and the success of our clients.

To learn more about the OAT training program, including course schedules, enrollment procedures and fees, please contact our training department.